Teeth that must exist in the mouth throughout human life can be lost as a result of decay or gum disease due to reasons such as insufficient care, genetic factors. As a result of these losses, gaps are formed in the mouth and disruptions begin in the chewing function. Methods have been developed for years to maintain the chewing function, which is the first step of the digestive system, in a healthy way. Although removable prostheses provide chewing to a certain extent, they bring discomfort and aesthetic problems with their use. Bridge systems, on the other hand, cause a little damage as a result of a certain amount of abrasion on the teeth used as abutment. Due to these negative reasons, implant systems have emerged that will replace lost teeth. Dental implants are materials made of titanium that imitate the born tooth root that replaces the missing teeth. Titanium is the most compatible material for the human body. As a result of this treatment, the implant tooth root and the dental prosthesis fixed on it look like the patient’s own natural tooth and all the functions that a natural tooth will perform are provided.